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07.11.2014 | 10:11
In violation of the Government Decree, the services centers of the Directorate of the State Automobile Inspectorate provided services to citizens without paying their value. In addition, the apartment for the former head of the regional police was purchased at an overcharge price. These violations caused losses to the state budget totaling UAH 16,800,000.
20.06.2012 | 11:39
Yesterday, on June 19, nearby Lenin Square in Donetsk the British fans arranged an action in support of Ukraine.
11.06.2012 | 11:37
Sixteen English and seven French police officers are helping now to our militia in Donetsk. They are mainly Spotters - police officers, who are constantly working among football fans and they know well what can be expected on their fans.
28.05.2012 | 11:34
Because of busy workload of Donetsk transport network and difficulties to park private transport in the centre of the city during Euro – 2012 there will be twenty-four-hour Park and Ride zones working at northern and southern entrances to the city.
02.04.2012 | 11:32
The time is not far off when the final of 2012 European Football Championship will be held in Ukraine. Flows of foreign tourists are just about to flood streets of one of the host cities – Donetsk.
13.03.2012 | 11:29
Today, in Donetsk city executive committee the meeting took place between the head of Donetsk city department of militia Yuriy Sednev and Donetsk mayor Aleksandr Lukyanenko. .
26.01.2012 | 11:27
Today, on January 26, on the Donbass Arena stadium the meeting took place between heads of Donetsk different state authorities and services and the delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands where the head of Donetsk city department of militia Yuriy Sednev participated as well.
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